Feed In Tariffs

The information site for the forthcoming guaranteed payments for renewable heat

About this site

This site, www.rhincentive.co.uk, has been to provide information about the new renewable heat tariffs.

If you’re looking for information that you can’t find anywhere else, check our FAQs page or contact us. But please do remember that the RHI hasn’t yet launched and is still being adapted. Until the Government publishes the final details, the information provided here is liable to change. We will keep the site updated with all of the latest developments.

It’s also always nice to receive feedback on the site, so please do tell us what you think. You can read more customer feedback.

Finally, if you’re inspired to take advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive and to start generating your own heat, whether in your home or business, our parent company Strong Energy Solutions Ltd provides a complete service to select, design, install and manage new systems. And if you require Wood Pellet or Wood Chip Biomass heating please visit our resident expert Wood Energy.