Feed In Tariffs

The information site for the forthcoming guaranteed payments for renewable heat

The RHI is administered by the energy regulator Ofgem

This is an overview of the administrative arrangements

The scheme administrator, Ofgem, is responsible for overseeing the whole scheme and maintaining the register of eligible systems and the tariffs paid to them. This factsheet describes how they see their responsibilities.

Ofgem has published its proposed guidance documents, which break the process into to parts:

  • Volume 1 – Eligibility and how to apply; and
  • Volume 2 – Ongoing requirements and payments process

Their overview and an introduction to their consultation on this guidance can be seen here, and a presentation by the responsible managers at Ofgem is here.

The adminstrators in particular oversee the following processes:

Tariff registration

The registration process as seen from the applicant’s perspective, is described here, and is covered in Volume 1 of Ofgem’s guidance.

Ofgem has a set process for registering systems for the RHI; this covers:

If this all sounds rather daunting, you can get help with registration – see here.

Most of the following procedures are covered by Volume 2 of Ofgem’s guidance.

Making RHI payments

The payment process as seen from the recipent’s perspective, is described here.

Ofgem will:

Maintaining the register, reporting and inspections

There will be a central register of all RHI installations with data on each. Ofgem must be advised if any are changed or sold.

Ofgem will obtain the required annual compliance declarations from participants. It will also arrange for inspections, site visits and other checks as may be required.

Ofgem will prepare annual reports on the progress of the scheme.


The administrator will also oversee compliance aspects of the scheme to ensure that participants follow the rules, and can institute non-compliance procedures if they don’t.

There are many sanctions available to Ofgem in this regard, including:

The participants have limited recourse in these circumstances, and there is a complaints procedure.

How the administration will be handled

Ofgem issue guidance documents on how all the administrative procedures will be managed (see above).

It has also issued a brief leaflet on the RHI.