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RHI reviews

The government periodically review the Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive scheme is periodically reviewed by the government.

The original intention was that this would be reveiewed every four years, with the first review in 2014, with any changes suggested becoming effective in April 2015.

However (as with so much else concerning the RHI and the FITs) this has changed:

Early reviews

July 2012 consultation on ‘cost control’

The government made proposals on controlling the cost of the RHI. It eventually responded to the inputs it received in February 2013 with this document.

This sets out the proposed approach to degression.

It also covers biomass sustainability, air quality, metering and biomethane injection.

September 2012 – three consultations on the RHI

On 20th September 2012 the government announced three consultations:

The February 2013 response to the July review above said that the government would respond to these later consultations “later this year”.

Reviews look at the whole scheme and how it is working

The government has retained a very wide remit for the scope of the reviews.

The list of eligible energy sources might also be extended at the reviews.

But existing installations are ‘grand-fathered’

However any tariff level changes adopted at reviews will not affect installations that are already registered, and may not affect those under construction.

2014 review

The proposed timetable for what was originally intended to be the first review was:

January 2014 Review formally initiated
January to June 2014 Informal consultation with stakeholders and analysis
July to September 2014 Formal consultation on proposed changes
December 2014 Final decisions and draft regulations published
January 2015 Draft regulations laid before Parliament
April 2015 Review changes implemented through regulation

Early review

The government has reserved the right to call an early review, and has in effect already done so more than once!