Feed In Tariffs

The information site for the forthcoming guaranteed payments for renewable heat

Everything you need to know about the Renewable Heat Incentive: how it works, what systems are eligible, how to register and a whole lot more…

There’s also a scheme for renewable electricity.

24th June 2016:Domestic RHI proposals The government published its proposals – see here. Our summary follows soon

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You want to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills, become more self-sufficient in energy, and earn some extra income. The Renewable Heat Incentive is a new Government-backed measure being introduced in 2011 to make it worth your while to produce renewable heat.

Get paid for the renewable heat you produce

You earn a fixed income for every kilowatt hour of heat you produce. This is likely to be used in your own property, but if you are lucky enough to be connected to a heat network you might be able to get an additional payment for ‘exporting’ surplus heat. For more information on the Renewable Heat Incentive see our Quick Guide or look at the detailed pages listed at the bottom of the page. Renewable electricity has its own similar tariff mechanism, called Feed-In Tariffs.

This website

Has been created to provide information on this unique scheme. We can also provide support for registering your renewable heating system. Oh and by the way, if you want to link to this info site, be our guest. If you want to gratuitously pilfer copy for your own website please do the decent thing and ask permission first!


For the average household using 15,000kWh of heat a year, the Renewable Heat Incentive could provide the following benefits if solar thermal panels and a biomass boiler were installed at the tariffs originally proposed: 13,700kWh of heat generated paying the homeowner £1,400 a year (the kW difference being made up through energy efficiency measures such as insulation) Biomass fuel costs could be as much as £575 per year Therefore the total annual benefit would be £825 per year You can also visit our resident experts at Wood Energy http://www.woodenergy.com/how-we-help/renewable-heat-incentive/