Feed In Tariffs

The information site for the forthcoming guaranteed payments for renewable heat

Energy saving

Saving energy is just as important as generating renewable energy

The Renewable Heat Incentive is an important initiative for boosting the amount of energy generated from the renewable sources in the UK. In fact it’s a world first!

However, it is pretty pointless putting in a renewable heat system without addressing the property’s general energy efficiency as well. If you don’t you will be generating far more heat than you need to which is not only wasteful (and in some cases using more energy that may come from non-renewable sources) but will also lower your tariff income. This is because tariff payments are based on the heat requirements of a well insulated property. So if your property isn’t well insulated you will only be using more heat than you are being paid for, it’s as simple as that.

So, it pays to make sure that your property is energy efficient.

Minimum energy efficiency criteria

The deeming approach to measuring heat will be based on calculations which assume a basic minimum level of energy efficiency.

For domestic houses, the present consultation proposes that this should be:

  • at least 125mm of loft insulation
  • cavity wall filled where appropriate

There is a case to suggest that this is too lenient and there is an expectation that this will be one of the areas that is changed when the Government publishes its response to the consultation.

Saving energy by using less

There are lots of ways you can actually reduce your energy consumption.

Here are two good websites you can visit to find out more: