Feed In Tariffs

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Maintenance and monitoring

The Government has specified requirements for the provision of information about the maintenance and ongoing performance of RHI systems

Unlike the Feed-In Tariffs, the Government has specified a maintenance requirement for RHI systems, to ensure they continue to produce useful heat.


The regulations include a provision that the systems must be maintained. Rather than trying to be too prescriptive about how this must be done, the requirement is

that the equipment is maintained in line with any manufacturer instructions where available

Owners will need to keep records of such maintenance and will probably need to complete an annual declaration accordingly.

Information and inspection

As a further way of ensuring that the installation is compliant and kept operational, the owner will have an obligation to provide information to the Scheme administrator, Ofgem. Furthermore the annual declaration may include a fuller statement of continuing compliance with the requirements.

The scheme administrator may also have the right to inspect installations on an ad hoc basis.