Feed In Tariffs

The information site for the forthcoming guaranteed payments for renewable heat

How to register for the Renewable Heat Incentive

Once you have installed your renewable heat installation, how will you claim the tariff?

You can’t do this yet until the scheme goes live in October.

The registration process is administered by the energy regulator Ofgem, who have a guidance document of 108 pages!

Our registration support service

Ofgem’s processes are thoroughly comprehensive, so this can be time-consuming, bureaucratic and daunting to people outside the utility energy business.

We have experience of registering installations with Ofgem, so offer a service to support you in getting systems accredited for the RHI. Go here.

Registering your installation

For general details on the administration of the scheme see here.

To register for the Renewable Heat Incentive you will have to apply to the scheme administrators Ofgem so they can check the details and  accredit the system. You will be able to apply on-line, by phone or in writing. There will also be provisions to pre-accredit larger systems.

The registration process is meant to be straightforward, but the guidance document on how to do it fills a volume of 108 pages! This is because there is a lot of data required and comprehensive checks to ensure that your system meets the many eligibility criteria.

You can’t appoint someone else to do this for you, but you might be able to get help (see below).

You can start to pre-register here for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment for household schemes not eligible under Phase 1 of the RHI.