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RHI registration support service

If you find Ofgem’s RHI registration procedures daunting, you may need someone to support you through the application process

Do it yourself

You don’t have to get help, of course, you can register directly with the scheme administrator Ofgem, and complete their online registration process.

This is not for the faint-hearted. Ofgem are very conscientious, and so this can be quite time-consuming and bureaucratic.

For those outside the energy utility sector, a helping hand can be useful.

Your installer should be able to help

Many installers offer to help their customers through the process.

See if yours has done it before, and whether they will charge you.

Our registration support service

Because of uncertainties over the government’s tariff-based schemes, we are not currently accepting new applicants – sorry!

We have dealt with similar schemes administered by Ofgem. We therefore developed a support service, not to act as your agent, but to do most of the legwork. This is carried through our associate company Renewable Energy Tariffs Limited, who are active in registering systems under both the RHI and the Feed-In Tariffs.

Our fee would be a small proportion of the expected first year’s tariffs, as shown below.

Support service fees

We charge a fixed fee of £65.00. Plus; for installations over 12kWth only, there is an additional premium of 2.25% of the nominal annual tariff. Additional factors apply to systems with so-called ‘complex metering‘ and those which use biomass fuels.

Details and examples of the fee structure are given here.

What do we do?

See further details here on exactly what our service comprises.

This also describes what you and your installer will need to do.

How to access this service

To start the ball rolling, please follow this [link suspended]. It will enable you to give us the main information that will be needed. You are under no obligation when you fill out the form. We will then give you a firm price for the service and you can choose whether you want to proceed.

We are also considering an annual management service for which you can also register interest by email.