Feed In Tariffs

The information site for the forthcoming guaranteed payments for renewable heat

How do I claim my RHI tariffs?

What you need to do to start claiming your RHI tariff payments

Who is the tariff paid to?

The tariffs are paid to the owner of the system (as defined here). You can’t arrange for the payments to be directly paid over or assigned to others (e.g. finance providers).

That means that if you sell the system you need to advise the administrator (and you also need to tell them if you make changes).

How are payments made?

You need to provide regular meter readings on which the tariff payments are based.

Payments are made quarterly.

What other routine requirements are there?

There is a requirement to sign an annual compliance declaration.

There are also many other inspection and policing provisions as detailed here, here and here.

Potential tariff management service from Renewable Heat Incentive Ltd.

If this all sounds a bit of a headache, we might introduce a service to do most of it for you (including the provision of remotely-readable metering).

We are considering introducing a management service, not to act as your agent, but to do most of the legwork that will be required. Our fee would be a fixed as a small proportion of the annual  tariffs.

We are also considering a registration service. If these services sound as though they might be of interest, please register by email.

If you are thinking of getting a renewable energy system

If the system is sub 45kW, this means that the installer must be MCS certified and the products they use must also be MCS certified as well. All MCS installers also have to be registered with the REAL Code. REAL publishes a useful register of members which you can sort by technology (i.e. what sort of equipment you want) and region (though many claim to be active all over the country).

For solar thermal, heat pump and biomass installations, we have teamed up with British Eco, a nationwide installer, who we recommend you contact if you have an installation enquiry – British Eco customer enquiry form.

Renewable Heat Premium Payment

You can start to pre-register here for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment for household schemes not eligible under Phase 1 of the RHI.