Feed In Tariffs

The information site for the forthcoming guaranteed payments for renewable heat

Eligible biomass fuels

The use of bioenergy under the RHI involves criteria for the eligibility of the fuel and the sustainability of its production

Eligible biomass fuels

Most fuels which are at last 90% biomass are eligible.

There may be future restrictions on energy crops and quality timber.

Eligible waste fuels

Fuels with over 90% biomass content are eligible, and any sources can be used for anaerobic digestion.

Apart from that the only eligible waste fuel at present is municipal solid waste (MSW) and some types of solid recovered fuel (SRF) derived from it.

When the RHI is paid on waste fuels the amount of energy produced in pro-rated to reward only the biomass proportion of the fuel (not the fossil fuel element – e.g. plastics). This biomass content can be measured, otherwise it is deemed to be 50% in the case of MSW.

Non-biomass fuel content

Similarly where biomass fuels are contaminated with a small proportion of fossil fuel, or fossil fuels are needed in the operation of the plant, this needs to be taken into account.

The government has set various criteria depending on the type of plant:

Sustainability and air quality

There are specific requirements for the sustainability of biomass fuels used, and for air quality.