Feed In Tariffs

The information site for the forthcoming guaranteed payments for renewable heat

Other eligibility criteria

Along with the technology type, installation date, and heat usage there are some other criteria to be met

The main eligibility requirements cover the type of system used, the date it is registered and the use for which the heat is applied. In the case of bioenergy (biomass and biogas) there are also requirements about the fuel sources. There are some other requirements too:

Certification and registration requirements

For systems under 45kWth

Equipment and installers must be Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certified for all systems under 45kWth. An exception is made for technologies where no MCS standards exist (such as biogas injection).

The registration process for these systems will be linked with the MCS registration. For MCS-accredited products see here. For accredited installers see here.

For other systems

There is a special registration system designed by the scheme administrators Ofgem. Further details – and a link to the guidance document are available here.

Only new equipment will qualify

Only new equipment is eligible for the RHI; converted installations are not. However new systems replacing existing renewable installations will qualify.

Systems supported by other schemes or public funding may not qualify

Installations registered under the Renewables Obligation (RO) can generally not claim the RHI, nor currently transfer into it, though this may change in the future for CHP systems. It is however possible to claim the RHI with FITs.

If the installation has already received a grant, which classifies as public funding, it will not be eligible (except in some cases where it can repay the grant).

Maintenance and information obligations

To continue to qualify for RHI payments over the lifetime of the scheme, the system owner will need to comply with maintenance and information requirements.

For example they may be required to sign a declaration that they agree to meet their obligations under the scheme (e.g. keeping the equipment working and well-maintained). Ofgem may then require further declarations (e.g. annually) from the owner confirming that they continue to meet their obligations and still qualify for incentive payments.

Energy Efficiency

Renewables and energy conservation go hand-in-hand and you should always aim to make your building energy efficient before or when installing renewable heating.

Phase 1 of the RHI has no specific energy efficiency requirements.

However Phase 2 may well include criteria, if the original consultation is anything to go by. In those proposals the heat calculations for the property would assume a minimum standard of energy efficiency. Therefore if the property falls beneath that level, the required heat generation will actually be greater than the payments allow for.

Air quality

Combustion equipment will also have to meet air quality criteria.

Defra has issued this guidance on air quality requirements.